Q : When do we order?

A : We place a group order every 4 weeks and for your convenience we also have several other Drop Off locations throughout the DMV.  All ordering is done through the Facebook group and https://dmvrawfeeders.com.  

We recommend ordering enough food for at least 2 months in case there are any delays you have food. 

Q : Is there a price list?

A : All current pricing is available on this website.  Payment is due when placing your order.

Q : How much is shipping?

A : Shipping freight and fuel charges are included in the price.

Q : What happens if I miss my delivery?

A : If you are unable to make the delivery date please notify us in advance at [email protected] to let us know.  You can pick up your order in Joppa, MD.

If you do not contact us to make arrangements to pick up you will be charged a $15 monthly storage fee and your order will be delivered on our next monthly delivery.  

If you do not pick up on the following delivery your order will be cancelled and no refund will be applicable.  There is limited freezer space and we can’t store orders past one month. 

Q : How do I pay?

A : All orders are placed through our website https://dmvrawfeeders.com



A:  We recommend that you order (2 months) of food supply at a time in case there are ever any unexpected delays.  

Q : Is there charcoal added to my food?

A : All the non-blended products from Ross Wells are required to be denatured with human grade charcoal.

Q : Is there a minimum order?

A : All orders come in flats. 40lbs (packaged in 8 5lbs tubes) as that is how it is packaged from plant, or 50lbs if you are getting it in one frozen chunk on a flat. All orders must be placed within those increments: 40lb increments for tubes and 50lb increments for flats.

Q :How do I order?

A : Every 4 weeks, an order form will be be posted on the Facebook group and website to gather orders. When ordering, please select the product and quantity of boxes you want. If you make an order, you are responsible for making sure it is paid for.

If you order and do not pay, you will not be allowed to order again.

Q : What name do I put in the contact field of the order form?

A : Your full name (first and last), if you use a different name on Facebook or PayPal add that also.

Q : What are my grinding options?

A : Fine or coarse. This choice must be made on the form when ordering.

Q : Will I be notified once my order has been received?

A : Yes. After filling out the order form you will receive a confirmation email/invoice with what you have ordered and your order total. Please use this for payment via PayPal; please PRINT THIS EMAIL and BRING IT ALONG TO PICKUP.

Q : When can I pick up my food?

A : Our monthly delivery schedule will be posted each month.  The delivery locations are our drop off points, but other than that their business is not associated with our order.  

If you can not pick up your food at that time, or are unable to make arrangements, please do not order. Violating the pickup rules more than once will kick you out of the group and prevent you from ordering in the future.

Q : When is it delivered?

A : We are at the mercy of delivery company. TYPICALLY the group order for SUITLAND, MD.  it is delivered Monday or Tuesday the week following order date. We are not in control of delivery times or days at this moment for the truck delivery.  The NEW delivery locations are scheduled on the website.   

Q : Where is it delivered?

A : Since we just started the new delivery location’s they are subject to change between each delivery. Keep an eye of the Facebook group and website for announcements. 
Our deliveries are scheduled during business hours.

Q : Is the food human grade?

A : All of the meat comes from plants that are processing human food. It is considered human grade BEFORE the doors are opened on the truck at Ross Wells. Once those doors are opened it is no longer human grade & per govt regulations must be handled/labeled as such.


A:  Always think of TITAN BLUE as the basis that is altered to create the others.

The most typical reason for altering is the potential poultry allergies in certain dogs. TITAN RED are exactly the same except the Beef Muscle Meat as the initial component (also in TITAN BLUE) and the added Beef muscle meat to replace the weight of the Chicken or Turkey in the TITAN RED  USDA inspected plant (TITAN RED). 

Regarding the Nutritional guarantees:

We send several samples of the blended product to different commercial food labs.  They will send us exact percentages of our requested tests down to 1/100th of a percent as tested.  We will then average the analysis and add 1.5% to the average for all items measured or guaranteed with maximum percentage content.

We will then take the quantities expressed as a guaranteed minimum percentage content and subtract 1.5% from the average for all the nutritional guarantees.  We then round these numbers up or down using the 5/4 rounding convention.  We will also truncate any fractions/decimals beyond whole percentage of guarantee.

The final step is verifying none of the guarantees fall outside the worst analysis for this particular measured item.  If this happens, we will utilize the offending high or low analysis for our guarantee.  Again, this is a guarantee of attainment or not, thus not an actual measure of total accuracy.

Protien (min) 14 14
Fat (min) 16 13
Moisture (max) 70 68
Ash/Fiber (min) 2 4


Disclaimer: Nothing sold on dmvrawfeeders.com is intended for human consumption.

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